Eileen Wisor, Counsel

Eileen Escudero Wisor, Esq., a New Jersey native, received her B.A. from Rutgers College, Rutgers University; and a Juris Doctor and Masters in Environmental Law at Vermont Law School.  Since then Wisor has acquired more than a decade of environmental law and regulatory compliance experience, where she has developed varied expertise across government, private industry, and nonprofit.  Her practice areas include environmental, criminal, immigration law; and most recently New Jersey marijuana law and policy.

Previous work includes assignments from the Office of General Counsel of the Navy in Washington, DC.  A love of environmental law brought her to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands where she served as legal representation to four natural resource agencies and as prosecutor to environmental crimes.  Concurrently, Wisor worked with environmental nonprofits where she advocated, lobbied and fundraised for improved management of ocean and coastal resources.

Wisor transitioned to build a solo Immigration practice where she had a unique opportunity to represent clients defending and seeking status as a result of the changing landscape with respect to U.S. Immigration law in the CNMI.  Wisor additionally served as part of an ad-hoc team of experts to bid and to serve the CNMI to review, analyze, summarize Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments and relevant statutes and regulations for a seamless integration of Contaminated Site Management State Response Program into the regulatory and governing realities of the CNMI.

Upon return to the mainland United States, Wisor has been a solo practitioner in New Jersey representing clients in the areas of Immigration, Wills, Landlord/Tenant, Collections, Real Estate, Environmental and Civil Litigation.

Wisor is a water and snow sports enthusiast and amateur filmmaker.